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Asking About: Mustang SVE Tubular Rear Upper & Lower Control Arm Kit - Black (79-04)



Does anybody have a copy of the instructions that are supposed to come with these? Also did they stop coming with the zerk fittings ? The set I just received do not have the zerk grease fittings as shown in the video and certain pictures. Thanks guys.
from Mickleton |
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If you scroll down to the video links, we have a video install available for you. We did revise these to eliminate the zerk fittings. The reasoning behind it is we had some customers who take their cars to lube places for oil changes and such, and the shops would see the fittings and put the incorrect grease in there causing premature bushing failures. All that is needed for these bushings is the grease that is provided and you are good to go.
from Hewitt |
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