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Smooth texture?

I want to know ifthis will give it a shiny look and smooth plastic feel on the plastics? I used the plastic paint you guys sold, and it felt dull and rough and I did it right,I'm going for a factory oem paint look, and want this to look and match the factory look and feel.
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Accepted Answer
It will shine it up, and also make it feel a bit slicker.
from Hewitt |
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The factory finish on trim components was a matte type finish, and this will replicate the matte finish. Once its dried and cured, you can treat it with interior dressing to try and match other pieces that have seen interior dressing over the years. The dressing will not remove the paint once its cured.
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Will the interior dressing give it that shiny glossy look and feel like new plastic? - Zachary 4 years ago

Thanks, I actually corrected my problem, a wet clean cloth wiped it down, I think I oversprayed, now it feels just like the dash and other plastics, it look and feels perfect, thanks 50resto, you guys rock! - Zachary 4 years ago
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Excellent! Glad that sorted it out for you.
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