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Will this combo work all together

Please ask any questions I might not have addressed here. I bought the car with some mods, and am unsure of some of what is already done to the car
I have a 91 5.0 lx Coupe with t5 conversion
94-95 sn95 front spindles and [#PT-6209BL] urethane bushings, and the correct ballpoints for the sn95 spindle (installed by me)
The quads are already gone (when I bought it)
Not sure of the rear end. The seller said it has 3.73 gears, and I know it has a 5 lug axle and hub set on it.(not sure if the axles are Fox length or not)The speedo is definitely wrong but it also has 245/45/17 Nitto 555 on the rear.
Exhaust is bbk long tubes bbk off road h pipe and from there its all hacked together with spintech mufflers (don't know which ones bought it this way) and it is dual all the way out the back. Not worried about interference with exhaust I can change whatever I need to

What I want to do is use [SVE-5649AT] control arms with [SVE-5300KB] lowering springs and [#LRS-1007SAA] 17x9 bullitt with 245/45/17 on the front and [#LRS-1007SBA] deep dish 17x10.5 bullitts with [#NTO-182870] 315/35/17 on the rear

Will all this work together or will it rub in the rear. I would prefer not to roll the rear outer fender or BFH the inner fender.
I am not totally opposed to doing either or both, I just would prefer not to. I do have a porta power and plenty of body tools so I could do it if I had to
Also If this does rub. What would be the best wheel and tire size for the rear without working the inner and outer fender?
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lol ballpoints...meant ball joints - Ellis 4 years ago
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With those components you mentioned, this kit will work just fine with them. The front tire size and wheel will fit just fine. If your current wheels do not stick out, you likely have a fox length rear, and the 10.5 wheels can be used with that. If you want to avoid massaging the inner fender and rolling the fender lip, I would recommend sticking with a 275/40/17 out back. A 315 can be made to fit with minor clearancing. How aggressive you will have to get will depend on how centered up the rear end is in the car. Several of us up here have ran a 315 before, and minor massaging got it to clear just fine.
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