Community Q&A Question: Edelbrock head set HP gains/potential

Asking About: Mustang Edelbrock E-Street 170cc Cylinder Heads - 2.02/1.60 Valves - 60cc Chamber (79-95) 5.0/5.8


Edelbrock head set HP gains/potential

How many HP gain can i expect out of these heads when used in conjunction with basic bolt ons such as exhaust, 75mm TB, CAI, upper/lower intake, also what is the max HP handling capabilities of these heads? I plan on around 400-450hp when im finished with my motor. Thanks guys. LRS is the BEST!!!
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Accepted Answer
Michael, the HP output from the Edelbrock heads on a Fox Body Mustang will vary but you can expect to see anywhere from 40-50hp increase over stock. Given the valve size you MUST check piston to valve clearance when installing especially with an aftermarket cam. These heads will support the 400-450 you plan to shoot for in your build.
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