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Stock K-Member and sway bar.

I'm in the process of doing a 351w swap. I ordered the Ford motorsport 351w swap oil pan (Item# M6675A58). Will these motor mounts work with the stock k-member and sway bar on my 93 LX 5.0 without any other modifications? I also have a 2.5" cowl hood from Cervinis.
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i just ordered these mounts because i have stock location solid mounts on my 351w swap with a upr k-member and i cant close my hood with an air cleaner on my carb. i have an edelbrock victor jr intake and performer rpm nitrous plate and a 4" cowl hood. with the drop these will give me i should have about 1/4" of clearance to close my hood. when i switch to a super victor i wont be able to run an air cleaner anymore.
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With the 2.5" Cowl hood, using a drop motor mount for your 351W swap is not necessary. The fact that these are solid mounts means that 100% of engine vibration will be transferred to the chassis. If you drive the car on the street at all, you'll hate it. Also, using the drop mounts, the oil pan will be coming very close to the sway bar. Lowering the sway bar and shortening the end links the same amount will likely be required.

I'd suggest using a set of the "convertible" style stock replacement motor mounts or a set of the urethane engine mounts. They'll bolt right up to the block and fit with your stock k-member and keep some insulation between you and your engine.
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