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Asking About: Mustang TMI Mach 1 Upholstery Black/Red Stripe Leather (05-07) Convertible


Vinyl vs leather

I have 07 GT convertible and I was wondering if I am better off with leather or vinyl? I have used aftermarket vinyls for repairs in other vehicles and they have cracked up badly similar to an alligator's back. Theses TPI seats may be using much better material.
from Dothan |
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TMI uses a high grade vinyl that is easily mistaken for leather and it has great durability. We have never had any issues with their materials coming apart or cracking. In a convertible, the main difference is going to be how hot it gets in the sun. To the touch, vinyl tends to be hotter in the sun vs. leather. Both will wear nicely and give you a long lifespan, so it really just boils down to personal preference. I've used both in the past with great results.
from Hewitt |
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