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Ford Racing Cams

Out of all the Ford Racing Cams E, B, F, and X, which one would give me the most power but still maintain daily driveability? I have a cobra intake, edelbrock heads, 1.7 rockers, manual transmission, and used to have a E cam and it was great. I was wondering if I should get another E cam or if the other cams can offer more power but with the same drivablity as the E.
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Sebastian, the "E"cam is going to offer you the best of all worlds considering your listed modifications and planned use. I prefer the E cam myself over the B because the E has a broader power band with peak torque at 2500 and HP at 5500 verses the 'B"cam with torque at 3500 and HP at 5100. The remaining alpha cams...F, X and Z would be a bit more aggressive for daily street use as well as they would likely require piston notching with their higher lift specifications.
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