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Instructions included?

The bumper on our 2002 GT was held on with mostly plastic push pins and some bolts. Are there instructions on where to install each of the parts in this kit, since all of the fasteners are different than what Ford used to install the bumper at the factory?
from Mahomet |
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Rivits go in place of plastic push pins in places. It gets clearer real quick once in place there are 6 small bolts which bolt center grill emblem to bumper same as ford. 4 nuts go on metal bracket to fender after riviting bracket to bumper. First bolt in grill w mustang emblem then hang bumper and poke a few rivits in on the top front, dont rivit any till you match em up. Never did before but after doing once i could do in ten minutes. Rivits hold stronger and better than push pins. Note there are 2 large rivits for the bottom center that are bigger but i did not have the large size rivit gun. I just used the 2 largest push pins there and reused my old radiator cover push pins to hold tat cover on. It goes very easy, a nice project that for a few dollaes secured new bumper on much more rigidly. Happy mustanging.
from ft walton beach |
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