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Asking About: Mustang Ford Racing Smog Pump Eliminator/Delete (82-93) 5.0L


smog pump removal 90 gt stock

What's all involved in removing the smog pump, hoses and other things hooked up to it? I've done little research and want to know so I can get everything at once. Caps, Block off plates, plugs.also will it affect anything on the car?
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Accepted Answer
Removing the smog is not too terribly involved. Unbolt the pump and replace it with an eliminator like this FRPP unit. Remove the rubber hoses with the TAB and TAD valves and plug off the associated vacuum lines. Remove the down tube that runs to the h-pipe and crimp the opening on the h-pipe shut. Remove the crossover tube on the back of the heads and plug the holes using LRS-6086AK.
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