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fender and door alignment

Ive seen a few fox bodys including mine that the fender and door alignment is off. Door is about 1/4 of inch in from the fender on both sides.can this fix the problem??Its looks like the door hinges need to be shimmed out a bit.
from Big Lake |
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My '91 has the same problem. If your bushings are missing or in really bad shape, this kit will lift the doors so they close correctly, and line up top to bottom. It won't correct the fender sticking out further than the door. I believe that the door is where it's supposed to be; the fender is not. Shimming the hinge out will make them even, but will also screw up the hinge geometry and could cause the door to crush into the fender when you open it. I am going to loosen my fenders and try to straighten them out. I suggest you do the same. Anyway, I've had this kit installed now for about six months, and I'm very happy with it.
from Coloma |
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If the bushings are completely gone or severely worn, that will add to alignment issues and this will help alleviate that. Further adjustment still might be required though if the hinges have been moved before.
from Hewitt |
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