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Replacing the cover

I need to replace my steering wheel cover or airbag cover that's on my 2014 Mustang the actual cover that were looking at in the picture it just broke split your bag never went off can anyone let me know or explain to me or show me something on how to replace the cover and not the airbag thank you????
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Accepted Answer
Unfortunately the covering is an integrated part of the airbag and cannot be swapped by itself. If yours is broken, you will have to replace the entire airbag. The job is easy to do. There are 2 black caps on the backside of the steering wheel you will need to pry out, and that will expose 2 nuts that hold it into place. Once removed, it will come out of the wheel and can easily be unplugged.
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You're right I took the plugs out there were two screws holding it but I did switch air bag from the old one into the new cover I just took the three rivets and drilled them out and placed old airbag in the new cover and then put three new rebbetzin put it back into the steering will put two screws in and put the plug-in and it was done together againthank you for letting me know about the plug-in the two screws
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