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BBK Underdrive pulley questions

I was looking at these pulleys on another site and saw on there where you have to have a jaw puller tool to do the installation and that you have to take the dampener off.. i was wondering if this was true and do these pulleys come with installation instructions? i also read where you have to take the alternator off and take it to somewhere that can press the new pulley on is this true also? thanks for any information and if you could send me some installation instructions that would be great
Thanks Ryan
from China Spring |
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Accepted Answer
None of the information you read on the other site is correct. These underdrive pulleys are a fairly simple install. On the alternator, you'll need an impact to break the nut loose, but the pulley slides on and off no problem. You mau have to remove the alternator to get a clear shot at the nut. The balancer does not have to come off, the pulley is retained to the front of the balancer using 4 bolts. The water pump pulley is also simply 4 bolts.

Install tip, loosen the bolts on the crank and water pump pulleys before removing the belt!
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