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engine swap

I have a 2006 GT premium, will this engine replace the 4.6 that is in the GT now? If not which one will fit with a swap?
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That engine would NOT be a direct swap for the 4.6 in your 2006 GT. There is not a Ford Racing 3 Valve crate engine that is a direct bolt in swap for your 2006 4.6 GT. The M-6007-M50 Coyote 5.0 will physically fit in your 2006 but many other items such as the engine controls pack (M6017A504V), transmission, clutch, driveline and exhaust will have to be changed as well. You may do a web search on S197 Coyote Swap to gain a better understanding of what is involved in changing over to that crate engine to your 2006 GT.
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