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Tail pipes

will it clear the flowmaster 3in tails on a fox body hatch?
from Gainesville |
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3" pipes will not clear the panhard bar without some clearancing. The 2.5" tails on my 93 are very close as it is and required quite a bit of adjustment to get them to where they would not hit.
from Hewitt |
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Is there anything els I can do to make the rear ended similarly as stiff as it would be with the pan hard bar without changing the tailpipes? - Killian 4 years ago

The only other method of keeping the rear axle positively located in the chassis is a Watts Link, and they have the same type of interference issues.

Just to be clear, I'm not saying that 3" tailpipes will not work. I'm saying you will need to dimple them for proper clearance.
- Jonathan 4 years ago
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