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Asking About: Mustang Remanufactured A/C Compressor with Clutch (82-93) 5.0



The a/c system has already been changed over to R134a I did use pag oil.
The system started to developing the problems with retrofit from R12 to R134A.
From leaking from hoses and pag oil with being in a humid climate early compressor related.
In , my restoration I will be replacing all three A/C lines- hoses, besides the Compressor.
The evaporator will be flushed and the condenser if I decied to .
The condenser is in question but is the original and still good.
My question is I would like to know if using, Medium Visocosity poe -ester oil charge with Ice 32,would this be exceptable ,with warranty, with me flushing the evapoator and condenser.
I want this A/c to last alot longer this time.
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Any standard PAG oil will not void any warranty on these. Just make sure if you use an alternative, that it will compatible with any PAG standards.
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