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Sve control arms

For fitment on 99-04, are the provided sleeves just for the lower control arm? or upper and lower body side of the arms? (like your product video references too) ?
from Davenport |

as far as I remember everything was there in the kit with the exception of rear axle bushings and sleeves fo rthe uppers. I can't remember whether I had to put the sleeves and bushings in but I know it went easy. - Steve 4 years ago

Accepted Answer
The included sleeves are for the lower control arms. The upper control arms will fit 79-04 Mustangs without modification
from Lorena | Staff Member Post!

Thanks. That's all I needed to know - Anthony 4 years ago

Yep sleeves for all new bushings. Not for uppers on the pumpkin side. Upper body side and front /rear of lowers
from El dorado |

As mentioned, the uppers fit as is and there are small and large sleeves for the lowers in the box. Be sure to grease them well before assembly. They come with some grease, but not enough to grease the sleeves and outsides of the bushings. I use brake caliper grease because it is supposed to be safe on the poly bushings.
from Louisville |

So my question is honestly how do i change the sleeves for my 2003 mach 1? Ive heard with energy suspension bushing it should just come right out especially since they are new. But honestly what I'm looking for is kinda of a how to, or advice of how to do that.
Anything would help.
I appreciate it
- Dean 3 years ago

Which ones are you trying to remove?? - James 3 years ago

The four lower control arm bushings sleeve - Dean 3 years ago

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