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Matching x pipe

so iv bought these headers by mbrp, and every ones telling me xpipe wount work cause mbrp doesnt make xpipe.but can i use a diffrent brand xpipe for them?
from Fort Worth |
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You want the H pipe for a deeper true muscle car sound ;) - Dylan 4 years ago
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It is true that MBRP does not manufacture an x-pipe. Currently, none of the other brands x-pipe will be a direct bolt up match for the MBRP headers. Your best bet will be to have an x-pipe custom made by a local exhaust shop to match the MBRP headers to your catback.

Another point of note is that in MBRPs testing, an x-pipe offered no power gain over the h-pipe. Also, when couple with their catback, the x-pipe did not produce an acceptable tone. Hence their reasoning for sticking to an H-pipe.
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