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Cervinis 2000 Cobra R bumper Fog light question.

Will the Cervinis 2000 Cobra R style front bumper use the factory cobra r fog lights? I already have the factory '99-'01 Cobra bumper but don't have the splitter. So I just want to know if the fog bezel and lights transfer to the Cervinis with no modifications?
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Just to update my own question. This bumper will utilize the fog light housing but not the bezel. The bezel is part of the bumper. If one wants a factory bezel look you would just have to paint the recessed area black and it will look as if the bezel was separate. The factory bezel has provision to connect a brake cooling hose. The molded bezel on Cervinis bumper would need some modification to allow this. My experience with this bumper is it didn't require that much prep and it's mounting is very similar to a factory bumper. - Stephen 3 years ago
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Yes. This bumper comes with molded stems for the screws so the factory fog lights/bezels can be installed.
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