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cam and intake choice?

I recently acquired a set of these heads use for a really good price. I have a 306 and i am curious what the best cam and intake choices will be.
from Greenwood |

Ive been looking and thinking about the holley systamax intake and anderson n71. - Allen 4 years ago

Accepted Answer
These heads a a great HP adder for that 306 Allen. I would recommend a TFS stage 1 cam and Street Burner intake, These will handle a 70MM throttle body and a free flowing exhaust.
from TROY | Staff Member Post!

I already have a stage 2 trick flow cam. Just need an intake to go with it - Allen 3 years ago

Hey Allen my names eric I have the same setup you got going so I was wondering what was the update on ur build? I have a 306 with tfs stage 2 cam also n I'm looking to buy some afr just not sure if I should get 165cc or 185cc so plz let me know how's ur build and if you like it or not?
- eric 3 years ago

Hey Eric I've been trying to collect everything still.. I have a cobra intake that I don't really want to use and I've been trying to save for injectors and maf. Before I make the swap. Looking to do everything soon. Will try to keep you updated - Allen 3 years ago

How about the TFS intake? They would be a good match for that cam.
from TROY | Staff Member Post!

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  • Mustang AFR 185cc Cylinder Heads - 58cc Chambers (79-95) 5.0/5.8
    AFR 185cc Cylinder Heads - 58cc Chambers (79-95) 5.0/5.8
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