Community Q&A Question: replace OEM stock?

Asking About: Mustang PA Performance 200 Amp Alternator (99-04) 4.6


replace OEM stock?

If purchased for a 99 GT, will it need anything else to replace the OEM one? Will higher amperage damage anything? Side note; using a optima yellow top battery
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This is a "direct replacement of your OEM alternator" Just slap it in with your existing hardware(gotta order it first, though).
from Boston |

Oh, one more thing though. Make sure you upgrade your wire when you upgrade your alternator. The 4 gauge 170/200amp for 99-04.
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This alternator is a great upgrade Jonathan. The added amperage will not hurt anything and it will accent that awesome battery.
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Will it be a direct fit to the 99 GT 4.6L engine? Aka will it fit same bolts and hardware or is anything additional needed? - Jonathan 5 years ago

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