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DOT Number

Do any of your smoked headlights and tail lights have a DOT Number stamped on the box or the parts itself? I want to purchase the Ultra Black Headlights and Tail Lights for my showcar but they, I believe, are labeled "off road or show only". I called the local police dept here and its not a big deal with them but it is with the State Patrol. DOT Numbers are proof that they are legal and not meant for off road and show only I guess. Please let me know. Thanks for the help.
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In most states, anything darker than factory is not legal. In others, no amber in the sidemarkers can make them not legal. It will vary from county to county as far as the level of enforcing it is concerned. That is why we list these as offroad or show only use. Having said that, these do not have DOT stampings. We also recommend for offroad or show use only because these do reduce output quite a bit, making it difficult to see safely at night. It is recommended to stick with a non-tinted lens for daily driver use.
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