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Solution for IAT sensor

I have read that the stock MAF on a 2002-2004 4.6L incorporates the engine IAT sensor, while this FRPP MAF does not. The stock wiring harness is 6 pin, and this MAF has a 4 pin connector. Do you sell parts to adapt the 6 pin vehicle harness to this 4 pin sensor?

Second question- what cold air intakes are compatible with this MAF when used on a 2002-2004 GT? Is there a provision in any of those cold air intakes for a IAT sensor?
from Mahomet |
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On 96-04 GT cold air kits, there is a provision for the IAT. The outer two wires on the 02-04 GT MAF are the ones for the integrated IAT on the factory MAF. You'd need to clip those 2 wires and pick up LRS-9604IATS and DY735. Or pick up one of the SCT BA air meters as they also include the integrated IAT
from Hewitt |
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