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sve head ho gain

What kind of hp gains can I expect when using on a 92 gt with just full bbk long tube header back and bbk fender mounted intake? 15 wheel? 30 wheel? More? Less? Thanks
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HP*** - Joshua 4 years ago
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That's a difficult question to answer. We have never tried just a head swap on an engine. All the tests we have done have been in conjunction with performance cam and intake as well to optimize the performance capabilities of these heads. I'm positive that you will see an increase in numbers with just the head swap but I cant say how much. The flow numbers on these are fairly close to those of the AFR 165, and Trick flow twisted wedges that are currently on the market so gains will be comparable to those offerings.
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Ok well let me ask this then, those heads with the intake and exhaust as well as trick flow track heat manifold and e303 with 75mm tb and 76mm maf with 24# injectors. That's what it will be when I actually get the heads - Joshua 4 years ago

with that combination you will probably be close to about 325-340 horsepower depending on final tune up. - Scott 4 years ago

That's what I'm talking about :) - Joshua 4 years ago

now keep in mind that is crank horsepower. Factor in a 15% parasitic loss through the drivetrain and you will be around 275-290 horse at the rear tires. - Scott 4 years ago
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