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Do these really raise the car?

The first review on this page says these raised the rear 1/2". Is this true? I'm lowering my car soon using the Eibach Sprort System Plus Suspension Kit and want to change out the existing isolators but don't want to raise the car which defeats the purpose. Anyone have input?
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I installed these on my vert with the eibach lowering springs, and it sits perfectly. I was amazed at how bad the stock isolators were worn on my vert with only 33k on it. With my combo it sits lowered and level!
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Comparing them to a set that is already on the car or one that is severely worn set, you may see a slight raise overall. Worst case would be the 1/4" to 1/2" overall with a new set. Some people have been known to leave them out to lower the car even more, however we do not recommend doing this.
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Jeff, the poly isolators can in some cases add some height to the car, The reason for this is because the original isolators if equipped were rubber and compressed when in use on the car. Poly isolators do not give as much and can in some cases add to the ride height. They are recommended to reduce ride harshness and possible noise from the suspension. They are not mandatory in the front or rear but can be used to fine tune the ride height and ride quality. The rears can be installed top only or bottom only if desired also.
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