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MSD spark plugs for a 4.6

Will these plugs work well with a nitrous motor? what is the heat range of these plugs?
from fort smith |

These are considered to be a stock heat range spark plug. For a Nitrous motor, I'd suggest the FRPP M124053V0 0° spark plug set.
from Hewitt |

Thank you for your response. I am currently using Autolite HT0 plugs, but find them hard to gap and once gapped you are stuck with it. I was looking to find an "old school" tip plug that works well with these motors and also with nitrous applications.
- troy 4 years ago

I understand. Because this is a new program, the application range is focused on the top movers. As this line matures, I expect we'll see the addition of some of the specialty fitments like this. - Jonathan 4 years ago

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