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Issue with tunning

I have had this setup for a few years but it has not ran due to it being in a body shop. I have everything ready to go and it crank and runs but when I tried to get it dyno and tune it will not accept any tunes so I can't drive my car. When a new tune is downloaded it goes into theft mode. Will not crank over until I put it back to stock. Any ideas on what I can try would be greatly appreciated.
from Corpus Christi |

Are you simply trying to download a pre-loaded strategy tune or are you having it custom tuned?

If pre-loaded, no SCT device has pre-loaded support for FRPP control packs.

If custom tuning, whomever is doing you tune is not using the correct control pack strategy. We can supply you an SVE custom tune that will make a great improvement, contact for more info.
from Hewitt |

This product is no longer available.
Please call 1-866-507-3786 if there is anything else we can do to assist.

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