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Console reinstall

I'm picking up a project that someone else already started. The shifter was installed what looks to be correctly. But not I cann get the console over the front part on the new shift plate. It the cross piece below the radio and In front of shifter. It's like the plate with is too big. The shifter is flat the the trans tunnel, not sticking up too high. I just don't know what to do.
from Jupiter |

Are you talking about the black plastic shifter bezel? The B&M requires its own specific bezel to be used and a factory one will not work. The part pictured in the far right is what I am referencing.
from Hewitt | Staff Member Post!

No. I'm talking about after you install the shift and are installing the center console the ties in with the dash. It goes around the shift, the hand brake and where the radio installs to. When I drop the plastic console in the very front of the shift, which is a stationary part does allow the console to sit where the factory place is. The shift rubs along the top - sean 5 years ago

Gotcha. I cant say I have ever seen that before. Did you purchase the shifter from us? If you did, let me know your zip code and full name, and I'll look up the order to make sure you received the right shifter. - Karson 5 years ago

Like I said before, Ive taken over the car from my dad who never finished the project. I know he ordered the transmission from you guys, I have a ups freight receipt from latemodel restoration, but it's two years old.
I just purchased a rack and pinion a month ago. I just trying to get this car back on the road. Any help would be appreciated
- sean 5 years ago

The transmission should not effect the mounting point of this shifter on the floor and the console. Do you happen to have the box this shifter came in with the part number on it by chance? The reason I ask is because the shifter itself is used on several different applications. The extra brackets and such that come with it make it specific to a fox body. If I can get a part number, I can check and validate that you have the correct shifter. If you do, I'll need to get pictures from you so that I can contact B&M and see if they can tell what is causing the fitment issue. - Karson 5 years ago

Hammer shifter #81002. I Would like to send pictures just tell me how - sean 5 years ago

That is the correct part number. If you can send me some pictures of what you are running into at , I'll see if I cant shed some light on the issue. - Karson 5 years ago

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