Community Q&A Question: Off Road X-pipe sound VS Off Road H-pipe

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Off Road X-pipe sound VS Off Road H-pipe

I currently have a BBK Off Road H-Pipe with 2 chamber 40 series flowmasters. I've been thinking about switching to the single chamber 10 series flowmasters. My questions is what difference in sound can I expect if I change the mid pipe as well to an off-road X-pipe as opposed to the off-road H. My understanding is the H has a deeper tone and the X is a louder more raspy sound? Any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
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You are exactly right. The h-pipe will yield a deeper smoother tone, where the x-pipe will have a more exotic raspier sound. I would hop on youtube and search for 5.0 offroad x-pipe and h-pipe, and that should give you some sound clips to help with your decision.
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