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Will the J&M SS hose kit work with this replacement brake kit?
part ##JM-22515
Also Im a fan of OE Parts however is there any other option that LMR Offers to possibly upgrade my brake system while keeping rear drums and front disk? if so any suggestions?
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I currently own a '92 lx 5.0 - Louie 5 years ago

That hose will work just fine on your application. We do offer a complete performance upgrade kit, part number SVE-BP1. This does stoptech pads/shoes, and J&M braded hoses. The pedal will be much firmer and stopping capability is drastically improved with this kit. All you would need in addition to it is part number LRS-1102D x2 for the front rotors, and part number LRS-1126B x2 for the rear. I'm a fan of OE parts as well, but in the instance of fox brakes, I'd recommend going this route. It makes a big difference.
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Ive looked at the front 5.0 brake rotors (part number LRS-1102D) and noticed you would have to change the calipers, spindles, and struts if you have the 4 cylinder fox. with that said wouldnt these rotors not fit on my 92 lx 5.0 or would this upgrade kit and rotors work with the stock calipers and spindles i currently have? - Louie 5 years ago

The 4 cylinder cars had smaller brakes on the front. If your car is a factory 5.0, then these will bolt right on.
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thank you so much for the help appreciate it! LMR has been great so far to me. - Louie 5 years ago

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