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Community Q&A Question: e303 setup

Asking About: Mustang Ford Performance X303 Camshaft Hydraulic Roller - X Cam (85-95) 5.0L/5.8L


e303 setup

I have an e303 already installed how much power could I gain swapping to the x303 and will it fit without any further modifications if I already have the e303
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What other top end mods are you currently running? - Jeff 6 years ago

Trick flow intake and heads would it be worth swapping? - Andrew 6 years ago

The only thing you may need to check would be the piston-to-valve clearance to make sure there would be no issues. You may see a slight bump in the HP with the higher lift and range of the x303 cam, but it wouldn't be substantial. The x303 tends to like slightly higher compression so that could also be something else to look into if you plan on swapping. - Jeff 6 years ago

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