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twin turbo

Ok so that maf u said that will work with twin turbos I don't Need a blow thru one and 8 still have stock fuel.pump do I need the 225 one?
from bolingbrook |

You will definitely need a larger fuel pump. I would recommend at least a 255 LPH or larger depending on what kind of boost you are pushing.
from TROY | Staff Member Post!

Well I just got a 340lph fuel pump I have the bbk 8004 maf and 24 lb injectors I want to no Wat psi I can run with my set up cuz other people are running my set up with a blower with 8 psi and running fine. I no if I want to boost more I need the 36 lb injectors and maf but will I need a blow thru maf or just a normal one - brandon 5 years ago

give me a call and I will get you taken care of. 254-296-6554 - BRYAN 5 years ago

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