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belt size

What belt size I need for this ac bypass on the diagram? Do you have this belt?
from astoria |

Accepted Answer
Are you still running the smog pump? Also, when you deleted the AC, did you put an a/c eliminator pulley on it, or did you put the bracket eliminator that moves the power steering up a bit on the car?
from Hewitt | Staff Member Post!

Still running smog pump, I don't want to delete or take out the ac, but I like to bypass it, can I just do it with the 84.5 or should I get the bracket eliminator to move it up the power steering up a bit? - Martin 5 years ago

It would be recommended to go with part number M8511A50 to raise the power steering pump, and then run belt part number JK6854. - Karson 5 years ago

Thank you - Martin 5 years ago

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