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Community Q&A Question: Requires extra parts?

Asking About: Mustang Team Z Matrix Tubular K Member Kit 12" 200lbs (94-04)


Requires extra parts?

Well my buddy had bought this k member for his 5.0 and he likes it so i decided to give it a try. When buying the k member it says u will need caster camber plates but doesnt say anything about the offset rack and pinion bushing or needing a extended steering shaft. I dont want to get half way through an install and have to put everything back on brcause the part forgets to tell u about others parts being required. I would like to get a list of all required parts before trying to install. I appreciate it
from Tucson |
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Chris, The parts you mention are not listed because there is a lot of variance when installing this set up. You can run manual steering or power steering, the rack bushings may or may not be needed bases on the oil pan used and the clearance needed. You can email me direct at tommy.eskind@latemodelrestoration.com with the specs on your car such as model year, steering type, oil pan style, engine mounts, and your intended use. I can get you a close idea of everything that will be needed but you may still run into other things you need to complete the swap.
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