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It says in the ad that these are brighter than the halogen bulbs, but most LED kits are actually less bright. Does anyone know the output of these in lumens or candlepower? Are they actually brighter at least by observation for those that have installed them?
from Alta Loma |

I just received these tonight and they are not bright at all! I did some looking at other sites selling a very similar bulb and they are rating these bulbs at 70 lumens (daytime running bulb). I have an AAA flashlight brighter than these bulbs. - Keith 5 years ago

Thanks! That sounds about right for a LED that does not require a ballast. The cheap stuff from China is awful in general. Some of the units made by Cree are better, but still not bright enough for a fog light unless you get the ones with a ballast. - Brent 5 years ago

PS: I know it says 1600 lumens but that seems very high for a LED. Tech data from manufacturer is what I am looking for.
from Alta Loma |

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