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Low and high beam

I have these on my 2012 doesn't
Seem like brightness changes with high beams? Could I have them indexed wrong?
from Ryssellville |

Doesn't change sorry - Sam 3 years ago

That is possible. To ensure you have them indexed appropriately, with low beam on only, the lower half of the headlight assembly should be lit up. The high beam should be facing towards the top of the headlight bucket.
from Hewitt | Staff Member Post!

Just purchased and installed a set last week. I found the same result you did. No change in brightness between hi and lo beam. I confirmed the second LED comes on when on hi, but apparently the position of this LED further back in the reflector does not allow its extra illumination to be projected forward. However, the improved brightness on lo beam is so much better, I am not sure I even need the extra brightness that a hi beam setting would provide.
from AMES |

In order for the headlight to be correctly indexed, make sure the pigtail off the lamp is pointing up. Place the ballast somewhere behind the headlight assembly as the wires coming off the ballast are short. Suggestion make wire coming off ballast to connection on lamp longer so that you have more options of where to install the ballast.
from Glendale |

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