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Community Q&A Question: AFR Vs Gt40

Asking About: Mustang AFR 165cc Cylinder Heads - Stud Mount - 58cc Chamber (79-95) 5.0


AFR Vs Gt40

How much Hp and torque would i get with AFR heads over my 88 5.0 with GT40 heads trick flow upper and lower intake manifold and e 303 cam...?
from brownsville |
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Accepted Answer
Oscar, The AFR 165cc heads are good performer. I can't say for sure how much more HP or torque they will make over your GT40s but I would expect them to be about 15-20 Hp better. I do know the AFR's made 303hp and 341Torq on a stock 1993 Cobra. given that your 88 GT has a better intake and cam than the Cobra I would expect it do do even better.
from Hewitt |

what heads are the biggest one i can put on my 88 gt instead of AFR i want to max the HP and torque on this small block 302 - Oscar 6 years ago

Oscar, When you say biggest I am guessing you are meaning valve size and port volume. That being true the AFR 185's would be the biggest I would suggest.
from Hewitt |

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