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Sequential lights acting weird

They sequence normally for a moment and then just the inner bulb starts flashing rapidly. This happens on both sides. Are the tail light and reverse bulbs interchangeable? I may have mixed up some bulbs on one side. The lights sequenced normally until I drove it. Thank you.
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i had this same problem but I did not have the bulbs backwards. I had only two inner bulbs on each side that would blink when I turned on the signal. I have had this problem even though I returned the original kit and received a replacement kit. I'm not sure but I might try to replace the flash module and see if that helps. What do you think? - GREG 3 years ago

Accepted Answer
The reverse bulbs are 3156 size, while the brake light/turn signals are 3157 size. These do utilize a similar plug though, so it is possible to accidentally plug them in backwards.
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Thanks a lot! I think that is my problem. - Shawn 3 years ago

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