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Asking About: Mustang Trick Flow Street Burner Intake Manifold Silver (86-95) 5.0



Whats the difference between this manifold and the black trick flow manifold when they both say 75mm opening but you cant use a 65mm throttle body on the black trick flow ? Thanx
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Both the black street burner version as well as this one require a 75mm throttle body because that is the size of the opening on the intake. The only difference between this one and the black one is color.
from Hewitt | Staff Member Post!

Yea but i was told by one of you that the silver manifold will accept a 65 mm throttle body - rene 5 years ago

A 65mm will physically bolt on, but you will have a step in there that will interfere with airflow. By going with a 75mm throttle body, the pathway will be smooth and match.
from Hewitt | Staff Member Post!

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