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Community Q&A Question: Sizes

Asking About: Mustang SVE Saleen SC Style Wheel - 17x10 - Silver (79-93)



What is a good tire wall for these I don't want 40 i want them a little thicker but not to thick, something in the middle I want to get 245/?/17 for the front and 275/?/17 in the rear. Thanks.
from East Petersburg |
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I work at discount tire so for the front I'd recommend a 245/45/17 and the rear a 275/40/17. That's a definite fit and that's what I plan on putting on my 93 lx hatch that's been lowed an inch - Jordan 5 years ago

Accepted Answer
For the fox body application, we recommend a 255/40/17 for the front, and a 275/40/17 for the rear. A 315/35/17 would work as well and give a thicker appearance, but will require massaging the inner wells and fender lip for proper fitment depending on how low your car is. We do not recommend going larger than a 40 series.
from Hewitt |

Ok. I will just stick with the 40 but do they make a 315/40/17 if so I am aware that I will have to do some work to the inner fender but what about the fender lip their is about a 1-2.5 gap between the top of the tire and the lip will I need to do anything with that. - Tyler 6 years ago

I am not aware of anyone making a 315/40. They are only produced in a 315/35. If the car is extremely lowered then yes, you will need to roll the fender lips as well on the rear. Fronts should be fine.
from Hewitt |

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