Community Q&A Question: MBRP 3" H pipe replace borla 3" X pipe

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MBRP 3" H pipe replace borla 3" X pipe

I bought a Borla 3" Catback which comes with an x pipe. Sounds good but I want more rumble. Anyone know for sure that this H pipe will replace the X? Factory headers/cats so I have clamps to fit the borla system already.
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Accepted Answer
This x-pipe will not mate to the Borla catback, or any other aftermarket catback that uses larger than stock tubing. This X-pipe is intended for use only with the factory tailpipes.
from Hewitt |
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I'm talking about MBRP 7263409 H Pipe, replacing the x pipe. AM site says "This 3" to 3" mid-pipe requires the use of an aftermarket 3" catback exhaust system, as the factory catback is too small at only 2.75". Maybe they're wrong? - Bill 5 years ago

Bill, they are indeed incorrect. This H-section is intended for use with the factory 2.75" tailpipes and clamps. Of course, any competent exhaust shop would be able to make the needed modifications to make it work with your Borla catback. - Jonathan 5 years ago

Thank you sir! Looking at MBRP site it seems the 67222 is the one I want. - Bill 5 years ago

The S7222409 is an old part # and has been replaced by the S7263409. It appears that if you can find one of those S7222409, it will do what you desire as it did have the 3" outlet. - Jonathan 5 years ago

Great! - Bill 5 years ago
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