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Community Q&A Question: will it work with stock intake boot/piping

Asking About: Mustang SVE 70mm Throttle Body & EGR Spacer Satin (86-93) 5.0L


will it work with stock intake boot/piping

will the stock intake boot/piping work with this 70mm TB or would I need to get a larger diameter one like a CAI tube?
from ramona |
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So I installed it last night and the stock boot fit on pretty easily actually but I did install the boot first off the car before installing the TB. I'm pretty sure it would of been a more painful experience if it was already installed. - jason 5 years ago

You'll want to use a non-petroleum based lubricant, like silicone spray, and a good amount of patience. And aftermarket cold air would make it much easier. With that said, this throttle body is not recommended for use on the stock intake manifold. It is best suited for engines with aftermarket heads/cam/intake/exhaust.
from Hewitt |

I have the gt40 intake, flowmaster exsaust, and a 70mm maf But have not yet changed the stock intake pipping. So what ur sayn it will potentially stretch enough to get on there but it'll be some work to accomplish the feat? - jason 5 years ago

You got it Jason! Doable, but will require elbow grease. - Jonathan 5 years ago

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