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In need of something very bright

I have SVE dark smoked headlights (Part #SDT-13007H) on my New Edge and the only headlight bulbs that I've found that are capable of illuminating anything past my front bumper was an 8000 lumen HID kit, which recently decided to stop working.
This is my third HID kit and I'm tired of having to buy a new kit every couple years.

I currently have Sylvania SilverStar Ultra bulbs (the brightest OEM style bulb available, to my knowledge) and I can barely tell that they're on, unless it's pitch black outside.
I also have SVE dark smoked foglights (#SDT-15200GWJ) with CREE LED bulbs. They're brighter than the headlights, but, again, they don't really illuminate very much in the dark.

Will this setup suffice? Or do I need to downgrade my Mustang's appearance so I can see the road?
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These illuminate in a similar fashion to 35 watt HID kits, however I would recommend factory headlights if you are driving quite a bit at night. The smoked lens lights are really intended for offroad use only. To answer your question though, yes these would be a large improvement and perform like the HID's you had except much more reliable.
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