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Community Q&A Question: 351w Swap mounts.

Asking About: Mustang 351W Drop Solid Motor Mounts (79-95)


351w Swap mounts.

The description of these mounts say they will clear the stock k member. I have already installed the 351w swap specific rear sump oil pan but the comments to other questions on the comment board here by actual staff members suggest otherwise. I was told in order for the exhaust to line up correctly you can only use the 351w swap mounts or use the 351w swap specific k member. You cannot use both. Many brands such as MAC and BBK make 351w swap headers and h pipes. I have purchased 351w swap exhaust already. If I use these specific mounts on my fox body. Will they clear the stock k member and allow the 351w swap headers and h pipe to line up? I did it this way cause i would prefer to keep my stock hood. If you had already bought the 351w swap exhaust what would you purchase the swap k member or the mounts?
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There is no such thing as a 351W swap k-member. 5.0 and 5.8 both use the same k-member design.

These mounts will have no adverse effect on exhaust clearance or fitment. Even with these mounts, depending on your induction setup, the stock hood may not clear. K-member to frame spacers may also be required.
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