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Community Q&A Question: Koni Sport Struts Item #KON-87411494S

Asking About: Mustang Koni Yellow Front Strut, Adjustable (05-10)


Koni Sport Struts Item #KON-87411494S

Can you tell me what the torque settings are for the large center nut and how do you torque it down when the center shaft keeps spinning as you attempt to torque it? Also what is the torque settings for the four nuts that mount the strut. All of these nuts are under the hood area.
from waianae |
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Wow that was fast. Thank you. Now may I ask you another question? The reason for the previous questions was a rattling sound coming from the drivers side front end. A guy told me its either the center nut not tight or something about end link or something like that? So if the tightening of the center nut and making sure the 4 nuts are torqued to 26 ft.lbs. then I was told to tighten the link end on the front end. Do you know what he's talking about? - rob 5 years ago

I can honestly say I've never torqued the center retaining nut. I simply tighten it with an air impact. If you do not have an impact available you'll have to get it snug using the flat areas at the top of the haft and hold it with a wrench, then use another wrench to turn the nut.

The spec on the main strut to mount nut is 76 lb-ft and the spec for the 4 strut mount to strut tower nuts is 26 lb-ft
from Hewitt |

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