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I just purchased these wheels with the 295 Invo tires and I'm having rubbing issues on the back. My 2013 GT has been lowered approximately 1.5 inches all the way around. Does anyone have the same wheel kit and same drop but not have rubbing issues? If so, what kind of springs are you running?

The only time we have encountered issues with clearance is if the car has been lowered quite a bit, and the stock panhard bar is reused. The stock length panhard bar will cause the rear end to shift to one side causing the tire to stick out closer to the wheel well, and encounter clearance issues especially if you have 4 people in the car. If you are running the factory panhard bar, I would check to make sure it is only rubbing on that one side, and if so, I would recommend getting an adjustable arm to help center the rear end back up under the car. We have several different options available at the link below.
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I am currently running the stock panhard bar and the rearend is slightly off by maybe 1/2 an inch. But both back tires are rubbing when I hit a dip in the road because they are both slightly outside the fender well. I have a panhard bar that I am going to install but I don't think this is going to solve the problem. I personally think its the springs on the car so to compensate I am gonna go to a 285/30/20 on the back. Maybe that will role the sidewall enough to stop the rubbing. Thoughts? - joseph 5 years ago

That is very strange. What brand springs are you running?
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I honestly have no idea what kind they are. The car was already lowered when I bought it. I do know that the rear springs are blue. - joseph 5 years ago

If they are blue, then they are likely Ford Racing springs, Roush, or H&R. There should be a logo in white somewhere on them along with a part number. Any of those will lower between 1.5 up to 2.3 inches, the H&R being 2.3 which is very low. The tire size you have is what is recommended as a 285 is going to start to look stretched on the 10.5 width wheel. I would try and ID the springs, and recommend going to something that doesn't lower it as drastically to retain the proper tire size. - Karson 5 years ago

I will find out what kind of springs they are and get back to you for the best recommendations. I really dont wanna go to a smaller tire as I love those 295's - joseph 5 years ago

I know you guys probably dont but do you have these back wheels with like a +40 offset? - joseph 5 years ago

The 10.5's are only made in the +35mm offset at this time unfortunately. - Karson 5 years ago

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