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Community Q&A Question: installed but weak spring or something on throttle

Asking About: Mustang SVE 70mm Throttle Body & EGR Spacer Satin (86-93) 5.0L


installed but weak spring or something on throttle

Ok so installed the TB and everything is awesome but I have an occasional high idle due to the throttle spring not being strong enough to close up also my tranny is shifting at wrong times due to this slop in the throttle? Stock TB didn't have this issue? Do I need shorter cables? Or is there an adjustment to make the TB spring stronger at closing?
from ramona |
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There is an adjustment screw on the throttle body which you can back out to allow the "valve" to close completely. This is the setting that was set at the manufacturer.There is really no adjustment other than that. Is the throttle cable in good condition? Call our customer service dept. and we can get this taken care of for you. We can send you a new TB if need be. 254-296-6500
from Hewitt |
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Actually I figured it out but it's still slightly defective the issue is the tranny cable doesn't snap in all the way. It only goes half way so its loose and effects the tranny. Do u have a replacement grommet? - jason 5 years ago

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