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Asking About: Mustang Trick Flow Top End Engine Kit, w/ Track Heat Intake Black (87-93) 5.0L



Will this kit work with procharger supercharger p1sc
from Hazleton |
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Yes. Blower kits will still install in the same fashion with this kit. Be sure to have a proper dyno tune done to ensure you are running within a safe tune.
from Hewitt | Staff Member Post!

Yes it will. You should see bigger gains with forced induction vs the stock intake due to the larger runners and port sizes. More air = more power. As mentioned, to get the most power safely, a good dyno tune is well worth the money.
from Louisville |

My car has really picked up the power with this kit. My car picked up over 2mph in the 1/8 mile vs the stock engine with a 100hp shot of nitrous. With a Procharger, you can make some serious power with this combo. If you step up to a 331 or 347, it should really scream. - James 5 years ago

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