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Community Q&A Question: How do I find out if my lower intake is an "R" or not?

Asking About: Mustang Trick Flow Top End Kit, w/ Street Burner Intake Black (87-93) 5.0L


How do I find out if my lower intake is an "R" or not?

I bought this kit and installed it in my 5.0. Very nice and powerful to say the least, I'm very pleased. I need to remove the upper intake to replace the fuel pressure regulator on my fuel rail with an adjustable one. There are 2 upper to lower intake gaskets listed on this website but one is for an "R" lower intake and the other is not. What lower intake gasket do I need for this kit and for future ref. how do I know whether a Trickflow intake is an "R" or not?
from Houston |

If this is the kit you purchased, it came with the Street Burner intake which is different than the "R" Series intake. The "R" series gasket will be specific for that intake which you are not running with your setup. #TFS-51522007 should work for your application. Thanks!
from McGregor |
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