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Community Q&A Question: Track Heat or Burner?????

Asking About: Mustang Trick Flow Track Heat Intake Manifold Black (86-95) 5.0


Track Heat or Burner?????

Street Burner or Track Heat?? I am trying to put the most sensible parts together. I want the Twisted Wedge 170 heads and keep my stock cam. My car will be procharged so the question is, will the track heat perform without upgrading the cam? I think the procharger and my gears will keep the low rpm aggressive so I figured why not opt for the track heat which is supposed to have a power band in the mid to upper power band. I don't want to lose bottom end I just want a good smooth overall combo from low rpm (good idling) up through a high an rpm as I can get.

Thanks for any help you can give me.
from Hazleton |
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I used the Track Heat intake paired with Twisted Wedge heads, a Procharger D1-SC and a Ford Racing F-cam on my setup and loved it. Either the Track Heat (or) Street Burner intake's RPM range & twisted wedge cylinder heads are going to benefit from a cam with with a better performance profile than stock can provide. For the price, throwing a solid performance cam into your parts list is worth it, and is going to help you pull much more out of your 5.0L's setup whichever route you choose. - Jeff 5 years ago

While the track heat does lose a bit of low end, you are correct, your gears and blower will make up for it and that intake will aid in the breathing up top. With your setup, I'd go with the track heat.
from Hewitt |
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