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Community Q&A Question: tools needed to install

Asking About: Mustang GT Full Hood Decal - Matte Black (85-86)


tools needed to install

full hood decal instalation
from Naples |
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If you need to remove your existing decal, they can be very stubborn to remove, and we recommend using our decal wheel, part number LRS-400E-KIT. Once its removed, we also offer a decal installation kit, part number LRS-DECALAP, or you can make your own soapy solution using liquid dawn or similar, and some folks will use an old credit card as the squeegee to apply. Most air bubbles will disappear after sitting in the sun for a few hours. Any left over, you can take a sewing needle and poke a small hole in it to then squeegee out the air/ solution. I will say though that if you have never applied decals before, this decal isn't a good one to learn on due to its size. If you are not comfortable with that, I would recommend a professional install it.
from Hewitt |
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